| January/February 1980

The picture on the front cover shows an IS  HP Keck-Gonnerman No. 1227, owned by  Sam Myers, of West Alexandria, Ohio and Bill Scheiding, of Arcanum, Ohio. The photo  was taken in August 1978, at the Brookville Community Picnic and Steam Engine Reunion.

A threshing scene many years ago, is shown in this photograph taken near Helena, Montana. People and exact site are not specified. Perhaps you can help us get identities.

This picture of a 32-mule team pulling a harvester was taken at Red Bluff, California in 1905. The driver was Alva Kemp, who was still living in Red Bluff in 1970 at the age of 84. We received the picture from Dr. S. M. R. Reynolds, professor emeritus, College of Medicine, University of Illinois. He found it in cleaning out his study at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, prior to moving to Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It was obtained by him from Keith Lingen felter, of Red Bluff, originally from Mifflin  County, Pennsylvania.