| January/February 1982

It is owned by the Crow family of Charleroi, Pa. The Christopher and Paul Whaley, of Indianapolis, Ind.

For a heart-warming new generation story that typifies what is happening among engine collectors today, see the story inside this issue.

(Photo courtesy of the boys' great grandfather, Paul F. Crow, RD 1, Box 470, Charleroi, PA 15022.)

We think this logo is very clever and attractive and thought our readers might enjoy seeing it. Phil Crowell of the Bozeman Hobby Supply in Bozeman, Montana kindly agreed to let us reprint it.

This steam engine is a 1910 Peerless G. It has 9-13 horsepower. The steam engine was made in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and was pulled by horses to and from different jobs.

The engine is owned by Ralph Castle, Jr. of Keymar, Maryland, and is used to make applebutter, and it is the only portable cooking set-up operating at the gas and steam engine shows in this area.