| January/February 1982

The engines shown here come from an old German book, and we have had the captions translated by Dr. C. Richard Beam of Millersville State College near Lancaster. Here are the descriptions: 1, 2 and 5, traction engines for ordinary streets and country roads; 3, steam engine for use on the road; 4, traction engine for all kinds of roads and for use in fields without lanesit lays its own tracks and rails; 6, locomotive which operates on ice; 7, mountain locomotive, the Fell system; 8, a partial cross-section of the mountain engine; 9, American tender for railroad engines; 10, tender with an automatic feeder of the fuel; 11, cross-section of a street steam engine (see No. 3); 12, cross-section of a traction engine.

If you have pictures such as these, from other countries, we would be glad to publish them with due credit to you.

The staff of IMA