Post Cards

| July/August 1958

Official groundbreaking ceremonies were held Saturday, April 19, 1958, by the Rough & Tumble Engineer for their new Museum at Kinzers, Pa. Pictured above left to right are, M. A. Trout, Kinzers, Pa., chairman of the Building Committee; C. Everett Young, Kinzers, Pa., president of the Association; Joseph H. Stoltzfus, Atglen, Pa., director; Mrs. Jane Young Brackbill, Kinzers, Pa., secretary of the Association; A. D. Mast of Lancaster, Pa., vice-president; and Ralph W. Green, Elizabeth, N. J. Erection of the pre-fabricated steel structure will begin as soon as shipments arrive, association president C. Everett Young said. 'The structure has been so designed that it will lend itself to additions' from time to time.' Young also announced that donations of exhibits and funds are still coming in. The association moved to hire a full-time curator for the Museum.

The enclosed picture is of a 10 hp, Nichols and Shepard steam traction engine which was purchased in Newton, Kansas in 1882. The picture was taken in McPherson, Kansas in 1884. The man sitting on the front of the engine was Jake Isgregg, the man standing by the front wheel was J. P. Fry, the man at the rear wheel was Joe Hawkins, the engineer was Charley Bunnell, and the man on the water wagon was Abe Irvin. J. P. Fry and Charley Bunnell were the co-owners of the engine. The mules steering the engine were a wedding present to J. P. Fry This engine was used to power a Nichols and Shepard hand feed raddle stacker. The outfit was used to thresh bundle grain in Sedgwick and Harvey Counties in Kansas and in the early fall and later was roaded to McPherson County, Kansas to thresh stacked grain. The senders of this story and picture are W. M. Fry of Sedgwick, Kansas, and J. D. Fry, of Garden City, Kansas, both are sons of J. P. Fry, now deceased, and who remained in the threshing business until combines took over the harvesting and threshing operations.