| July/August 1971

I have three other engines besides this one. My old one is nearly fifty years old and is still the best.

Haston loves to work with tools so it is only fitting he has quite a collection of old tools of all kinds. You can't help but feel his love for his hobby when you are around his shop. He has completed nine engines and is half finished with a Westing-house. He has completed three Reeves, one Russell, two Case, one Woods Bros, and a single cylinder with clay valve gear and one Nichols & Shepard single cyl.

He has some very good equipment in his shop which is well taken care of as well as the shop itself. It is a pleasure to visit and is located at Holden, Missouri, R. R. 1, Box 140 A-64040.

I have been a reader of the magazine for a few years and a retired licensed engineer, marine and stationary and I would like to commend you on a fine piece of work in the publication of the Iron-Men.

I have worked for Westinghouse Elec. Corp. 32 years. During a strike a few years back, I worked at Allen Tool and Gauge Co. on machine tool rebuilding. I saw the smallest steam engine in the world running on air.

Engine specifications are: Length overall - '; Width - 7/16'; Height-7/16'; Length of bed - '; Width of bed 3/16'; Diameter of flywheels -3/8'; Diameter of cylinder bore -.080'; Length of piston stroke - .085'; Valve stroke - .0165'; Total weight -19 grains; Contains 176 parts; Power -Approximately .0002 hp.