| July/August 1978

Some boys and their dog playing on Harvey James' 16 HP double engine. This picture was taken about 1915 at Ypsilanti, Michigan.

This steam engine is a Westinghouse and, although I didn't know for sure, the threshing machine may be a Westinghouse also. I have no idea where the picture was taken or who the people were. I would guess the picture was taken in the late 1890s or around 1900. In some of the Westinghouse sales brochures some people claimed that they were so easy to run and handle, a child could run their engine. Take a look at that young fellow (engineer) on the engine.

Above is a picture of a horse powered threshing machine. I do not know very much about this machine. It was before my time, perhaps 1890s. I got this picture by accident. It was a Geiser machine. I think it was owned by Jess Harper of Carrollton, Arkansas, and threshed in the hills of North Arkansas and South Missouri.