| July/August 1992

In 1961, E. L. Carson of Georgetown, Kentucky sold this Gaar-Scott to John Holp of Lewisburg, Ohio. In 1985, it was again sold, at auction, to Les Brower, who sold it in November of 1989 to current owner Ken Knowlton, 4790N Old Mill Rd., Milan, IN 47031.

No. 16178 was built in 1917 and originally sold in Lexington, KY.

At sunrise on August 30,1991 at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, Chuck Sindelar of Waukesha, Wl shot this 30 HP Case, #23474. Built 1910, the engine is owned by Carl Turtle of Howell, Ml. This is the smallest size side crank traction engine that Case ever made. (Note the emphasis: Case did make smaller traction engines in the center crank style, and they made smaller side crank engines in portables and skid engines.) Note long smoke box, which Case started using in 1910, and the absence of steps. Steps were not furnished as regular equipment on these small engines, but were often added later by their owners. Early Case 30s were very similar to the late 90s, but if unaltered, can be identified by the long smoke box. Many owners added an extension onto the short box on their 9s at a later date, which made them appear to be 30s.