| March/April 1954

Peerless 'R' Serial No. 15606 which was shipped new to Mr. Chas. H Taylor, who lives nearby, in 1911. The bill of sale lists the boiler as charcoal iron. This engine has always been used in this section and is in excellent condition. The boiler is not pitted at all. I purchased it in 1951 and have had it reflued by a L. V. R. R. boiler maker and inspector, who says it is safe for more pressure than I ever carry. I used the steamer 18 days this year threshing and filling silo. I carry 125 lbs. steam pressure but it will run the 16 inch Climax Blower easily on 85 pounds. The picture shows the engine and Steam Engine Fans. Fred Ellsbree and son, Carlton Brown and son, Leon Van Natta, owner

I have one of your papers, The IRON-MEN ALBUM, and it is very interesting. I am an old thresherman--1892 to 1905. I run several different makes of steam traction engines. I am now 80 years old and have retired. I built an automobile in 1901 and drove it all summer of 1903. I have been driving every day since, until 1953. Due to eyesight I will have to give up this year. I am sending you a picture of the auto I built. I have had many wonderful experiences in the past 50 years. I have been an electrician running steam plants for 40 years. L. J. Inghram, 109 E. 5th Street, West Liberty, Iowa.