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Threshing and baling at the Bean Fullerton Farm, September, 1958. The engine and thresher are of Frick make and it looks as though the chaff is being separated from the straw.
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The arrangement for the single engine of the Keck Gonnerman Reverse
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The Reverse arrangement on the Keck Gonnerman double engine
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The Shaft arrangement of the Keck Gonnerman Reverse
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The largest engine on the grounds of the Midwest Old Settlers & Threshers Association Reunion 1958 was Robert Willits, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, 40 hp. Avery. Here it stands with Willits 18 hp. Avery. The 40 attracted much attention and demanded admiration.
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Here is the port Huron engine that went through a bridge with I. R. Arnold on it. See his letter. We did not cut the head off of that tall man He was that way when we got him.
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This picture was taken in front of the grandstand at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion 1958. The four engines that took in the Memorial Service under the direction of Elmer L. Ritzman, Enola, Pa., move away as the service is concluded.
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Breaking, crushing and drilling all in one operation. Look at our good old 110 friend furnishing the power. The picture was taken in 1910. The car you see in the picture is a Rambler. The little speck you see over the car in the distance is a building acr
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Sue Green, 12 years old and running her Case 4 hp. tractor and Jerry Green, 8 years old operating a 3 hp. John Deere. These are the children of Mr. and Mrs.Marvin E. Green, Boyden, Iowa. The tractors look like factory jobs but I am wondering if they may n
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