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Mr. Frank Jasper and Model Case engine and separator which he built. The engine is a one-third of a 65 hp. Case and the separator is also one-third size of a 26x54 Case. The outfit weighs about a ton. They are conventional in every detail. The engine is 3
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Case 40 then owned by Joseph A. Olson, of R. D. 1, Melrose, Wisconsin sawing lumber. Mr. Olson is standing beside the engine. The engine is No. 31,150 and is in very good shape. Mr. Elmer B. Stewart has the engine now and has restored the cab. It looks li
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45hp. Case No. 26229 pulling an Enterprise sawmill. Earl says I still do a little custom sawing but timber is very scarce around here. I like your magazine very much and read each copy several times.
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24 hp. Minneapolis No. 8497 threshing oats on the 6 acre farm of Frank Stark, Billings, Missouri in 1956. The engine belongs to Virgil F. Anderson, 1601 S. National, Springfield, Missouri. Frank says, We have a 13 hp. Beeves we are restoring and expect to
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Here is a beautiful, clear picture with no name or information attached. I am sure the sender will let us know about it and give us our just dues for mislaying the letter that goes with it.
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Townsend 12-25 hp. tractor built in 1916 belonging to Harry Martinson, Swedeburg, Nebraska. Harry rebuilds tractors and says he hasnt been able to locate another one. If you know where he can get one he wants to know about it
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On the corner of 17th Street and 9th Avenue, in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania is the location of the Keystone Driller Works. This spot has always been home to them and still is. However, The Star Drilling Company, of Akron, Ohio has taken over and now operat
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This is a 75 hp. Case No. 24262 at Groton, South Dakota, June 6th, l956. Trucked from Aberdeen, South Dakota to be in the Jubilee Parade, celebrating their 75th year (We take it Groton, South Dakota). The operator is Harry Chandler who run this engine for
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Dec. 12th, 1956. Getting ready to load coal. Bucyrus Erie steam shovel.
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A scene in 1890 near Hetland, South Dakota. August Bolliger in the cab. this is all the information we have on the picture
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22 hp. Advance with LeFever boiler belonging to Mr. Abel Erickson, R. D. 2. Marseilles, Illinois

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