| March/April 1962

Our 75 hp Case engine. Art Erickson and Ryan Doschadis, joint owners, left to right. Alex McDonald of Welmont, South Dakota, at the controls. This engine has 36 inch drive wheels, a special plow engine, has done a great deal of plowing in Western Montana. Then it was hauled to Central Minnesota. In 1910 this engine was bought from A. J. Smith of Little Falls, Minnesota by the present owners. This engine is a rare one with its wide drivers. With the help of Lloyd Michelson and Ora Hills, a wonderful job of restoring has been done. See those rivets shine !

This engine was bought new in Illinois and did its last threshing in 1936. In 1940 it was brought to Indiana and has constantly powered the mill for the past twenty years.

Today it is 'barking' over a Frick, 4 Head-Block mill and a 60' saw.

I mounted it on a Crosley chassis. I cut the differential open so I could get a sprocket in for chain drive direct from engine, which makes it operate just like a locomotive. I was lucky to get an oil pump too, so all I have to watch when driving is the water and gas pressure on the burners which makes it very simple to drive. The water supply tank is about 12 gallons which lasts me about 2 hours.

I can get steam in about 15 minutes which makes a demonstration very easy. I have been in 4 parades this summer. The largest one was the Cherry Festival at Travers City and I sure enjoy driving it.

1 have attended the Rough and Tumble Reunion at Kinzers, Pa., and the National Threshers Association, Montpelier, Ohio.