| March/April 1966

Courtesy of Mr. Harold F. Stephon, 215 N. College St., Newcomerstown, Ohio This is a picture of my Dad's steam engine and sawmill taken in 1915. The engine is a 16 HP Leader, No. 1801, built at Marion, Ohio. I do not know what year it was built but I think about 1900. It was a very good engine. The cylinder size, was 8x12 and had a 42 inch flywheel. I think in 1920 the Leader Company moved from Marion, Ohio to somewhere in Iowa but I do not know if they built engines out there or not. I would like to hear from someone about the. Leader engine. We also had many other makes of steam engines built in Ohio of which the Russell was the most popular. For me, however, I like the Frick or Baker engines for all around work.

Courtesy of Mr. Elmo J. Mahoney, Dorrance, Kansas This picture shows my father Thomas B. Mahoney, Dorrance, Kansas and owner of this outfit, in the white shirt, standing on the Separator which is a 42 x 70 inch Avery Separator. The extension feeder that you see in this picture is known as the Avery low-down feeder. Dad was the inventor of that feeder and received $5.00 royalty on each feeder sold. The engine is the first, number one Under-Mounted 30 HP Avery Steam Engine ever built. There were, two of these engines built the first year and ray father bought both of them. I believe this was in 1904 or 1905. This picture was taken in September, 1908. They are threshing headed grain and set has just been completed.