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Courtesy of Raymond Laizure, RFD 3, Cadiz, Ohio 43907. In a recent issue of the Iron-Men Album there was an article concerning the Robinson Engine. So, I thought I would pass along this photo of a well restored Robinson Engine that I had taken some ten ye
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Courtesy of Walter C. Lambert 5036 Creek Road, R.R.2 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. An old steam lubricator. I used this lubricator on a double cylinder engine about 37 years ago. It was very efficient. I would like some information about it. What compan
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Courtesy of Emil F. Svanda, Davis Junction, Illinois 61020. This picture was taken this summer at the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show at the King Farm, Kings, Illinois. This is George W. Hedtke's 110 HP Case Steam Engine pulling an 8 bottom P & O
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Courtesy of Edwin Deweese, 706 S. 13th St., Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067. A picture of the Star I am working on - a 3 inch scale. I never realized they were so scarce. (This picture appeared in the January-February 1969 issue of Gas Engine Magazine - page 9
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Courtesy of Jim Erdle, R.D. 5, Canandaigua, New York 14424. Erdle Bros. 21-75 Baker No. 1564 at New York Steam Engine Association, Inc. Show at Roseland Park, August, 1967. Stuart Furnum, Engineer, Carl Erdle with glasses, others unknown. Engine built in
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Courtesy of Jim Erdle, R.D. 5, Canandaigua, New York 14424. Burt Brandow, Engineer, on Town of Canandaigua, New York, Roller. Picture taken in 1918 in front of John Erdle, Sr.'s barns, Middle Cheshire Road, Canandaigua.
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Courtesy of Mrs. E. W. Schaefer, 263 W. George St., Yoe, Pennsylvania 17313. E. W. Schaefer of Yoe, Pennsylvania with his model of a York Flinch-baugh gas engine on display at the New York Steam Engine Show at Canandaigua, New York in August o
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Courtesy of J. W. Nichols, 59 Finkle Street, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. The 25 HP Sawyer Massey Canadian built engine No. 3368 and the Ashcraft Testing Fan taken at the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association Reunion at Brigden Fairgrounds in August
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Courtesy of J. W. Nichols, 59 Finkle Street. Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. A 25 HP Sawyer Massey Canadian built engine. No. 3368, built in 1913. It is loaded, ready to go to the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Reunion at Brigden in October of 1968.
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Courtesy of E. K. Beckwith, 235 E. School St., Kent, Ohio 44240. This is a homemade lathe I made to polish my whistles. It is made from Rytie to polish the 34'' x 10'' whistle. The engine bell can be turned by using a V belt and HP motor. It takes 8 hou
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Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779. Ready to unload in Makoti, North Dakota. Mr. Orin Hanson, Sanish, North Dakota with his 1914 30 horsepower double cylinder simple 21 ton Minneapolis steam engine, number 6707. Mr. A.M. Oberg, Ryder, Nor

Incidentally, some may not know that B. B. Clarke, Editor of the
Old American Thresherman and the all time great in the Thresher and
Steam Engine world sold the first Robinson Engine that Francis
Robinson’s Factory built. He said, at a distance it looked so
much like a Gaar-Scott, it was hard to see the difference.


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