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Picture taken last summer while visiting England and a typical
English Antique Steam and Gas Engine Rally which was organized by
the Worthing and Southern Historic Vehicle Group, the secretary of
which section is Mr. R. T. Peskett.

Denis introduced Mr. Peskett to our G.E.M. magazine some 18
months ago and he has since organized subscriptions among his
fellow group members so that now auite a few are takinq copies of
the maqazine.

Mr. Clem and his pump posed in front of Titus Brubaker of
Rohrerstown, Penna., and his 1903 Peerless engine.

Homestakes Gold Mine has its own power plant of steam. I think
it is D. C. electricity.

It is a sight to behold to watch the hoisting drums in
operation. They are run by electricity D. C.

Mr. and Mrs. Lauver and a group of people stopped one morning to
visit Elmer’s Korn Krib. They were on their way to York to
visit the Farquhar Company.

Mr. Lauver had an ear of Iowa corn for the Korn Krib. It is the
type of corn the Indians grew before the White man came, so he


  • Published on Mar 1, 1971
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