| May/June 1955

Breaking new ground with Case 60, May 27th, 1954. Pulling a McCormick Deering breaker on the Gilmar Johnson farm, Frederic, Wis. In picture, left to right, Joe Pangerl, Pine City, Minn., J. A. Hansen, Luck, Wis. On the engine, Dale Halonie, Webster, Wis., Eddie Marek, Frederic, Wis., Dan Booth, E. Ellsworth, Wis. All are ALBUM subscribers. 'Gil' says, ''Birds of a Feather'.

M. G. Graham of Dutton, Ontario, Canada, sends us these two pictures of a White steam traction. Mr. Graham is an M. D., and says this about himself: 'Just a country doctor who has a weakness for steam.' Two things the editor observed-It was a Dr. Graham who brought the editor into the world, he is dead now so let that be a lesson to you M. G.-The other is this Dr. writes like all the other Drs. as though they were making a prescription, brief and hard to read. The doctor surely looks handy on that monster and since it is thirty years old he would have to be a good mechanic.

Walter Culp has just balanced his engine on the Teeter-Totter. That is a good job, Walter. Also on the engine is Norbert Daul of Algoma, Wis.