| May/June 1957

Six hp. Case of Jack Kulish, Stanford, Montana. He put on a short belt to take this picture. He usually used the 150 foot belt. Jack says he uses this engine to Roll Barley feed every two weeks for some 170 calves he feeds.

Baker Special 23-90 built in 1922 and owned by Robert E. Price, Lo-gansport, Indiana. He says in part- 'Needless to tell you how proud I am of the best looking Baker that I have seen to date. I knew you would enjoy looking at the enclosed picture which does not show the details at their best. Each spoke is striped In gold and all oilers and cups are polished and lacquered brass. Monel tubing hand rails on the rear platform and cat walk on the engine side. The cylinder has a chromium plated jacket since the picture was taken One of my greatest thrills will arrive the day I am privileged to unwrap my Baker at one of the Reunions, possibly at Monpelier, Ohio.' (The above picture was in color and may not reproduce as well as the original.-Ed.)

A pop-corn engine show at the Cris Busch show by Calvin Watt of Stockton, California. The pick-up truck with the engine in, also runs by steam.