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Here is one of the best pictures of a complete Horse Power Threshing outfit in action we nave ever seen. This was taken at the Case Centennial and is the courtesy of that Company. You will notice it is driven by a shaft (Tumbling rods) and a bevel gear at
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A 3/83/8 engine built by Tom Donaldson, R. D. 2, Plainwell, Michigan.
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Mr. William VanAtta of 154 Allen St., Johnson City, New York, and his model Westinghouse. Bill retired October 29th, 1954 and since has spent his time building, re-building and repairing steam engines. He has a shop set up in a garage. He also does some t
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Some of the Antiques displayed at the Pontiac, Illinois, Reunion. Photo courtesy of Leo R. Clark, Official Photographer, Washington, Illinois.
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The Minneapolis engine that Cris Busch used at his Threshing Bee last summer. Courtesy of Roscoe Guffey, Clarkston, Washington.
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This is one of the cartoons from our contest. We rate it first prize. However, it did not have a name attached to it and we are not able to give credit. If we hear from the one who drew it with all the facts, before May 1st, 1957, we will mail the check.
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Mr. C. A. Harsch of E. 8713 Frederick, Spokane 6, Washington, took this novel way to send a letter to us. It had money in it and we got it. Mr. Harsch did try to send it without postage but the mail man did not let him get away with it. When it got to Por
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Mr. Earl T. Worthington, R. D. 1, Box 618, Battle Creek, Michigan, on his vacation.
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A good picture of the threshing scene at Dan Zehr's Show, 1956. We do not know the personnel but that engine looks like Jim Roberts. Courtesy of Leo Clark, Washington, Illinois
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