| May/June 1957

Bill Schultz's 20hp. Rumely in the town of Eldorado about 1910. That's Bill on the left, Art Brasch (Bush) on the footboard, Ed. Shoemaker, on the water wagon. Bill threshed 40 seasons in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. That particular season he threshed 100,000 bushels in 50 days. A record for Wisconsin with its long straw and frequent moves. Note the two suction hoses. It indicates that his pump works. Note also the shiny bright drive wheels. He had nice dry weather for it.

A close-up of the gearing of a single geared Horse Power commonly used in Pennsylvania in the Horse Power days.

This picture was sent to us by Mr. J. C. Mattix of Oskaloosa, Iowa. Also the article 'One of the Earliest Automotive Steam Engines'. A note of explanation says the inventor, Wm. L. Hussey, who is on the left. Mr. Brewer is on the right

'I am sending you a clipping and a picture of an old time steam engine that I found in an Auto Parts Company News, that I thought you might like to have for the IRON-MEN ALBUM. I have never seen anything like it in the IRON-MEN and I thought it very good and I would send it on to you.

'I think you are sure doing a wonderful job and I really enjoy every one of them. My wife says she can tell when the IRON-MEN comes as I will not go to bed until I have read every word in it. Ha, ha. My brother and I get it together.'