| May/June 1968

A very old photo of a rare Climax class 'A' logging locomotive. Many of these had wheels for operation over wood track or peeled poles; and to the best of our knowledge, no Climax A engines are in existence today. There were at one time hundreds of these little engines, not really much bigger than a traction engine, in the woods at work. The engine is a vertical 2-cylinder type, located behind the boiler, on the platform, behind the engineer; and is geared to the wheels. These locomotives had a 2-speed gearshift.

'2' scale English Type Merry Go Round with 2' scale Burrell Showmans engine alongside. Picture taken at the Kinzer Show, August 1967.

Both the engine and carousel were run on 'piped' steam from the models boiler at the Kinzers show. The most comments were received on the Friday evening after sunset when all the small lights were lit, there being over 100 in all.

Here we are, E, R. Dugan and my Father, Michael R. Dugan, set and threshing wheat up on top of Hell's Half Acre. You can see the left hand side of the 14 h.p. Jumbo; the band wheel was on the left side also. Oh, the rhythm was sweet and hard to beat from this little engine as you can see. My father was a thresherman for many years before my timeonly he didn't follow them all over the country as I did. He stayed at home.

To all my old steam buddies I say, see you at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. These pictures were taken about 1917.

E. R. Dugan and his Father, Michael Dugan, now deceased, threshing wheat down in Southern Illinois, south of St. Louis in the hills. You can see by the picture that we have a little 14 h.p. Jumbo Engine all hot and bothered ready to go hooked onto a 32' Belleville Separator. That's my father standing on the separator tongue while I took the picture. We had a long, hard rocky hill to climb up to a place called Hell's Half Acre. I hope Father is on that beautiful isle of somewhere running a 14 h.p. Jumbo. See you at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.