| May/June 1968

This shot was taken at the four day Pioneer Show at Austin, Manitoba. Approximately eighteen of us have formed a club known as the Young Pioneers. Our goal is not only to help out during the show but to do various jobs, such as restoring engines throughout the summer. The majority of us come 30 to 100 miles or more to work at the Museum throughout the summer. From left to right with the exception of the unknown with the camera who accidently stepped in front are: Jim Down, Howard Knibbs, Doug Pratt and Gordon Down of Holland, Manitoba. Our float consisted of the walking which was set among fresh pieces of sod turned up by the 110 Case and 12 furrow breaking plow. A bag of seed to represent sowing the land and a few sheaves and a flail to represent threshing the crop.

Boilermakers Lyle Hoffmaster, Dwight Crazier and Ed Thomas are renewing a set of flues on this Cross Compound 32-120 Reeves Canadian Special Engine. These men worked night and day until the job was completed-the boiler water tested, door ring back in place and the engine ready to fire. Here Lyle Hoffmaster is grinding the burrs from the front flue sheet This 50000 pounds of engine was built in 1920 and is owned by A. E. Rixman, of Oklahoma City. It made the show in Mt. Pleasant, on time!

This snapshot was taken at Garwood, Idaho in 1934. It was the start of a 75 mile trip that took four days over mountain roads and one river crossing on a ferry. The engine was a Russell 18 compound. The 1924 Ford truck was tanker, wood carrier and also chuck wagon. My brother E. W. (on engine) was killed in mill fire in 1958. My father, (in front of truck) passed away in 1966 at the age of 94. I'm holding our pet dog. I'm 60 now and have been around steam engines most of my life.

It is a 25 Hp. Minneapolis of 1914 vintage. The separator is a 36 x 60 Russell. The man standing at left of engine is Jim O'Dell, one of the pitchers. Man on engine at left is Emmons Taylor, the engineer. He is now deceased. The man at right is the fireman - unknown.

Picture was taken September 1946. Owner of the outfit is my brother George of Osseo, Minn.

This picture is a reproduction from a picture that appeared in the American Thresherman in 1907. Picture was taken in 1906 at Granville, North Dakota and it is a typical No. Dak. threshing scene of the days when large steam outfits roamed the vast wheat fields of North Dakota. Apparently this rig was nearly new when this picture was taken.