| May/June 1968

The engine is a 60 H.P. and the thresher is a 42 x 70 Yellow Fellow.

This rig was shipped to Crosby from the factory on a flat car in the early spring of 1910. It was used that year and the next two years for breaking, for some of the early settlers in the vicinity of Crosby. From 1913 through 1916 it was used entirely for threshing.

This engine pulled a twelve bottom steam lift breaker plow. Coal was used for fuel. When used for threshing, they had fourteen bundle wagons, and 2 spike pitchers. Two tanks were used to haul water.

This rig was sold sometime after 1916. It was used for threshing until about 1920, then was junked, just prior to World War II.

The car in the picture is a 1914 Reo.

Threshing wheat October 5, 1967, We had about 600 people at the Threshing Day.