| May/June 1971

Keith Oderkirk of the Oderkirk Museum, Haines City, Florida, stands proudly behind his 4 inch scale 20-65 Advance Rumely built by J. W. Nipper of Warrenville, S.C. This one is a full blood brother of the one Mr. Nipper exhibited at the Oderkirk Museum March 13 last year. Its double cylinder engine is the smoothest running of any engine I ever saw and Mr. Nipper used steel gas-line material, which ordinarily carries 1,000 pounds, and is good for much more, for the barrel of the boiler, which was spread out, welded and riveted for the fire-box end. Possibly not to exact scale of original, but any deviation is an improvement.

Col. Herndon's 'Sterno' fired hot-air engine. The sterno was exhausted just as I started to photograph it. I have no statistics on this engine. Its size may best be judged by comparing it with the sterno can at its base. It probably was used for light duty, such as turning a fan, etc., before the coming of the universal use of electricity. It constitutes a most interesting look at 'Yesterday,' and Col. Herndon's huge collection of such items will be worth driving across the country to see when he finally has them arranged for viewing. Hasta Manana!