Farm Collector


By Staff

On page 17 of the sept-oct., issue of the album you will find a
letter from baxter, iowa, unsigned. It was sent to us by c. J.
Butler of baxter, iowa. Here is further explanation.

The church rented a farm and it is being farmed cooperatively by
the members. Our cover shows them threshing the crop of oats. The
engine on the right belongs to c. J. Butler and is pulling a 32×52
advance rumley belonging to otto schurman and on the left is an
outfit belonging to donnell dectrich and is a 22 advance rumley
engine and a 40×62 case thresher. This group cleared $5900.00 last
year for the parsonage. Mr. Butler does not say what denomination
they are but from the cooperation and interest it should be


  • Published on Nov 1, 1954
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