Post Cards

| November/December 1956

A 10 hp. Russell engine and a 33 inch Massillon Cyclone separator new in 1889, threshing near Bentley, Sedgwick County, Kansas, August 1898. Owned by Joe Trego, then living near Bentley. A son Allen Trego, now at Newton, Kansas, is on the horse. Courtesy of Harry Trego, Halstead, Kansas. Joe Trego was Harry's father. (I have looked at this picture a long ti me and wondered if we could have those men stand on the other side of the outfit and let us take another picture. Ed.)

At the Royal Norfolk Show, Norwich, England. Photo was made by Neals,Photographer,7Wellington Road, Norwich, England and was sent to us by Ben Burgess. All the people were interested in the engines and not the photographer. That is as it should be The editor would surely like to take a trip to England and see one of their shows. Sometimes I feel like saying Let's get up a tour and go!! Let's.

An Enright steam engine used by W. S. Burr in the San Joaquin Valley of California, 1903. It is threshing alfalfa seed. The Enright was one of the famous California steam threshing engines from 1871 to gasoline days, being rivaled only by the Rice built in San Francisco, the two standing off the Mid-west, East and British steam straw-burners in the red hot competition for the threshing business. Photo from Lloyd Burr, of Redding, California, whose grandfather operated this engine

Here is an outstanding picture that we are not sure whether we ever used it or not. If we did I am sure you will be glad to see it again. It is really outstanding. It is Mr. A. D. Baker, on left, and a man who worked with him on this, his first engine. This Baker engine is familiar to all who attend the National Threshers Reunion. It is still doing her stuff under her own steam. Courtesy of Leo Clark, Photographer, Washington, Illinois.