| November/December 1958

Gilmar says, 'This picture deserves a second look as well as a place in the ALBUM. It is proof that persistence wins. Ray Lockman, Gordon, Wisconsin, has traveled many miles in determination to own a steamer that talks. Now he has one and the whole town rejoices with him. And not the least, his grandson, Ronald Lockman, pictured here with Ray and his 60 Case. Ronald is from Anoka, Minnesota. He thinks grandpa is one swell fellow and just loves to ride on the engine. This engine has not turned a wheel for years but is now in good running order and is making up for lost time. Picture taken July 20th, 1958'

Here is an L 1 Pennsylvania locomotive that was retired and waiting in the yard for some decision when the Swift Company plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, had to have a new boiler installed. They rented this engine from the PER and hired firemen to take care of it. It did an excellent job. The old 1914 vintage engine seems to beam all over that it is doing a useful job again and one that no diesel would ever do. Courtesy of LeRoy Glessner, Mechanicburg, Pennsylvania.