| November/December 1960

This engine was used for threshing, shredding, sawing, raising barn frames --it was really a good one from 1895 to 1910. It was used on an Advance 40' cylinder thresher hand-fed and web stacker, a Rumely. Ideal separator with Parsons feeder and Sattley 36 x 60 Stacker, then a Reeves Compound Separator 36 x 60 with Ruth feeder and blower. This separator had a large capacity and really made it work. My brother's runs were very long as there were not many rigs at that time. He had two runs of shock threshing and then a lot of stack threshing. He finished about the first of October, then the engine was used on a corn shredder and for sawing wood.

In 1911 he traded it in on a Reeves 20 hp double simple engine that he used on his old Reeves separator and later on a Minneapolis 36 x 60 separator. This engine is shown in the picture where it is pulling a 6 bottom John Deere plow on his farm south of Cedar Rapids which is now the Municipal Airport. In 1921 he traded his whole steam outfit on a Rumely 10-20 Oil-Pull tractor that he used on a 27' Aultman-Taylor thresher. That was too big a load on the Rumely, so he traded that in on a Hart-Parr 15-30 tractor and used it until he retired in 1927 - 32 years of threshing.

6 hp Russell steam traction engine pulling an 18' case separator heading a street parade of 35 antique automobiles at the Annual May Festival sponsored by the local Post of the American Legion at Garfield, Washington, on May 28, 1960. The engine on an 8 hp boiler was assembled by Del Harlan and parts made at his machine shop in Garfield. At the controls are G. M. Kriebel and Alvin Churchill. Mr. Harlan is driving a steam automobile made by him, further back in the parade line (not shown in the picture). The majority of the old cars are owned by members of the Hassie Historical Auto Society of Spokane and Inland Empire, who drove to Garfield for the Festival. Mr. Bockmier, also a member of the Western Steam Fiends Association, drove his 1917

Ford touring car in the parade near the rear line of the old cars. Mr. Harlan also owns a 20 hp Aultman Taylor and a 20 hp Case engine. He is a member of the Western Steam Fiends Association and a subscriber of the Album.