| November/December 1960

This is a picture of our rig in operation in 1942. It is a Nichols & Shepard 25 hp double cylinder and a 40-62 Case Thresher. Picture was taken on the Anvil Johnson farm near Hoople. Clarence Johnson is on for engineer and I am below as the fireman. My brother stands on the tender. This is the same rig that appeared on the front page of American Power Farmer, as some of the boys will recall. I was always a subscriber to the old American Thresherman and Power Farmer until they folded up and am so glad there is a magazine to take their place -- I want to congratulate you on the splendid job you are doing in publishing the Album - sure enjoy the letters and pictures from the different sections of the country.

I was down in my old home country last summer and I went to my Aunt's farm to see this relic and had the idea of moving this engine and restoring it if possible but I was fit to be tied at what I found. Somebody had taken everything that could be unscrewed off of it and sold it for junk. They even took the wheels out from under it and left the boiler laying on the ground!