| November/December 1962

A photo of the Best steam engine made in Lancaster, Pa. by John Best. This is a rare photo. It is the only actual photograph we have ever seen of this engine. We do not know how old it is, but not many men of today remember when this engine was being built.

Mr. Monroe Swartz, Richfield, Pa., has an unusual way of handling his combined grain. As you see by the picture, the truck brings the grain from the Combine and it is elevated into the Huber thresher. This is done only to have it recleaned. The weigher elevates it and pours it into a regular farm elevator which carries it to the storage bin.

This cleans the grain of sticks, straws, light grain, green stuff and dirt, which saves on storage space. This is an interesting operation. - - Elmer

It looks like a very old Huber to me and I wish there was more data on it. - - - Elmer.