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1923 Case 50 restored by me in 1957.
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Buffalo-Springfield Roller, owned by George and Lewis Edinger of Urbana, Ohio. This was a great attraction at the Richland County Ohio Steam Threshers Reunion 1962.
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My restored power plant line-up - 1929 Case 'C', 1915 Case 20 x 40; 1923 Case Steamer; 1919 Aultman Taylor 30 x 60.
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89 key Gavioli Fairground Organ owned by Mr. Robinson, Heighington , Lincoln, England.
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Picture of the cornish engine mentioned in Dairyland Driftings, Sept.-Oct. 1961 issue. Measurement 50' 100' 120'; Flywheel 40' -160 ton 54ft. to topof cyl. Pumped 3000 gal. Per min. with a lift of 1500ft.
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Here is a picture of the 25-90. Nichols-Shepard Plow Engine.
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A miniature Case Thresher that I built myself.
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A miniature Case Steam Engine that I built myself.
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Threshing with my Case 50, 32 x 54 Case Separator and Case 16 barrel water tank.

Here is a picture of the Advance Thresher Factory Main Office
Building as it appears today. Since discontinuing manufacture of
engines and threshers it has been occupied by a distillery and
temporarily used as a warehouse by various stores and businesses.
Note plaque on front. Address is Kendall and Grand Trunk

Also note the boarded up windows and one on top floor is broken.
It has been stripped bare of most all machinery. Any one want to
start threshing machinery manufacturing?

I am the engineer on this Great Northern Pacific Coast time
freight No. 402 leaving Willmar for Minneapolis in August, 1954.
The grade is 16 ft. per mile for the first 8 miles leaving Willmar.
I was in regular time freight service at that time. Since January,
1957 I have been in passenger service.


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