| November/December 1971

I have threshed nearly all my life. When I was a boy my father owned two horsepower threshing outfits and I did drive the horses on the power on many occasions.

In the year 1902, my father purchased his first new steam outfit, a Case 15 hp and a 32 in. cyl Case wooden separator, self feeder, straw blower and weighter.

I had two brothers, 9 and 11 years older than I and all three of us followed the harvest doing custom threshing in Washington, Republic, Clay and Cloud county in Kansas, also some in Nebraska. Our threshing outfits were always in A-1 condition and were always in demand.

The last real grain threshing I did was in 1952. I threshed a job of stacked oats, however I have threshed small amounts of grain for exhibition purposes (wheat and oats), but I threshed a good deal of alfalfa and sweet clover after grain threshing ceased, due to combines.

I wonder what C.O.D. stands for-let us know if you have the answer-Anna Mae).

Exact to the original length 6'2' x 2'9' wide. Weight 51/4cwt. Coal fired, multi-tubular boiler. Tested 200 water pressure steam at 60 psi. Boiler holds 4 gallon. Tender tank 5 gallons. Burns anything. Boiler fed by pump, two speed. Mechanical lubricator. Fencing compulsion by low cylinder. Bore three inches, by four inches stroke. Stephenson Link Valve Gear runs non stop at Rallies 10 AM to 6 PM.