| November/December 1971

I have restored seven steam engines the last five years. The last engine was a Garr-Scott 25 that had been in a reservoir covered with water for 25 years. It runs like new now. I've also restored several old gas tractors, a threshing machine and binder. We have just cut some oats and will thresh later.

I have been threshing oats for the last four years at my farm. This year there will be a tractor pull at Stuttgart and I've been asked to thresh there.

I've operated steam engines since 1911. I attended the steam meeting at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in 1965 and that is where I got the idea of restoring these old engines.

The enclosed picture was taken October 5, 1969, as John Goins was threshing with his 16 HP Baker, at the Pioneer Harvest Fiesta at Fort Scott, Kansas. This was the last show John was able to attend. He died last September 8, 1970, at Fort Scott, and will be greatly missed by those who knew him and who shared with him a great interest in steam engines. Those who attend the 'Steam Show' at Fort Scott this October will miss the familiar sight of John on his Baker. He was always willing to lend a hand with repairing and restoring the steam tractors of others, even though the last year brought increasing illness. John was born December 18, 1895 in Lamoni, Iowa, and is buried in U. S. National Cemetery No. 1, Fort Scott, Kansas.