| November/December 2002

Dave Riggs' 1920 Frick Ellipse, number 21315 , caught in action at the pioneer Engineers 54th Annual Show this past August

Harold Stark, 3215 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46217-3231, caught up with his great-grand nephew, 2-year-old Gaar Scott Ertel, at this year's Pioneer Engineers show in Rushville, Ind.

In case you were wondering, Gaar is indeed named after the great Gaar-Scott line of steam traction engines, and he's seen here on Harold's 1/2-scale Gaar-Scott after a run around the show grounds with Harold.

Harold, well-known for his affinity to the marque, finished this scale in 1979.

Henry Groner, 1110 Sauer Ford Road, Berger, MO 63014-1613, sends in a this picture of his great-grandson on a 1/2-scale Baker 23-90. Henry writes:

I'm enclosing a picture of my great-grandson Nathan Manning, who was 18 months old when this picture was taken earlier this year. Little Nathan is a 1/3-size man, manning a 1/2-size boiler belonging to his grandfather, David Groner.