| September/October 1958

Log hauling engine used in Northern Canada. It is now owned by Smalick Brothers, Osage, Iowa. It weighs 23 tons and was shown at the Mississippi Valley Reunion, 1957. Courtesy of Ray Ernst, Wayland, Iowa, and Harold W. Plummer of 214 East Melbourne Avenue, Peoria, Illinois. AN ADDITION The La Crosse line drive tractor on the cover of the July-August, 1958 issue is owned by the Shellabarger Implement company of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. The driver is Dwight Shellabarger. We are sorry we missed this information when the picture was published.

Mr. Nerius P. Brewer, Oscar's father, feeding his 36' Reeves separator. Threshing his last crop. The feeder was worn out so the threshing was done by hand feeding. This photo was taken July 1917. 'Too many Coffee Mill Outfits threshing at it', as he put it or he was 'Getting' tired crawling in between other people's clean sheets in his greasy unmentionables,' as his reason for quitting. Nerius was strictly a Reeves man and had a rather one track mind about it.

A Steam Mobile built by Mr. Feese. He says he uses it around town on Sundays and also for parades. The engine is what is Called a 'Donkey' engine. These engines were used on construction work hoisting material up and down on buildings under construction. Steam engines were used before gas engines became popular. It is a reversible 5 hp. engine. He used a Model 'A' truck chassis and coupled the engine with sprockets and chains to the front end of the drive shaft. He uses coal for fuel as he wants plenty of smoke. The front end is from a Farmall F 12 tractor. Young and old get a big kick riding on it and seeing it run

This is my Minneapolis Engine Manufactured in 1923 used on farm for threshing and purchased by the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin used by them for many years. I purchased same from the city a year ago and purchased a Case separator and used same for a little old fashioned threshing Bee Aug. 17, 1957 on a farm in town of Byron, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. These machines are some of many that will be shown at Fond du Lac at the Wisconsin Steam Antique Engine Show June 13, 14 and 15, 1958. Bernard Klein Schmidt, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

'COMING OUT'. Mr. Gilbert Trairs, B. D. 4, Corning, Iowa, and his two sons have a very nice Reeves, double simple. I think that is the two sons in the picture. The engine was 'dolled up' for the 100th anniversary parade in Corning last summer. That is the reason they were not at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion. I think they will be there this year as that 100th stuff only comes every 100 years. The Reunions go on forever.