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Courtesy of T. H. Warnock, 422 Euclid, Peoria Heights, Illinois,
whose picture is shown with the engine. Mr. Warnock says A picture
of a model gas engine I built. It is a copy of a Wm. Galloway Chore
Boy built in 1915; one inch bore, one and one-quarter inch stroke,
hit and miss governor and battery ignition. The engine is 4 inches
high, 4 inches wide and 8 inches long. It is very dependable,
starts easy and sounds much like the original. The package of
cigarette in the picture gives a good idea of the size.

Here is an interesting picture sent by Ernest Cox, 1200
Cincinnati St., Lafayette, Indiana. We will let him speak Enclosed
find picture that I would like to see in the ALBUM, of my two
friends from Pontiac, Illinois in cab with myself standing in
Dearborn station, Chicago, Ill. on monon train No. 5, the
Thoroughbred. They made the trip with me on the 16th day of April,
1958. Seated to the left is myself, Ernest Cox, Sylvester Fosdick,
and his son Sylvester Jr. This trip was made possible by special
request and permit was granted for Z from Chicago to Lafayette,,
Indiana. Their comments as to the trip were that Mr. Fosdick
realized a lifetime dream and that every mile burst into view with
new thrills. Movies were taken for the entire trip and he passed a
house near Rensselear, Ind., where he lived as a boy. He also got a
picture of it. Mrs. Fosdick, their daughter-in-law and two
grandchildren met us in Lafayette. My wife had a nice supper ready
for us which brought the day to a grand close, never to be
forgotten. The picture was taken by my fireman, with my camera.

The largest steamer we have on exhibit. It is the 32-120
American Abell. This steamer weighs 55,000 lbs. in operating order.
We secured the steamer from a saw mill at Pelly and had to make a
lot of the steering mechanism in our workshop. The small steamer
following along behind like a colt is our small Case 12-36. The
American Abell was sold new in 1911 and on one occasion threshed
1,300 bushels of oats in an hour.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1958
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