| September/October 1962

It will burn wood or coal. Most of the steel came from the local scrap yards. I designed this engine to my own liking. I made most of the engine parts such as eccentric, piston, piston rod, valve rod, crank disc, crank pin, wrist pin, connecting rod, governor pulley main shaft, etc.

The boiler is built entirely of 3/8' steel plate except flue sheets are half inch steel. It will have a road speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour.

In the large picture, the second man from left is Grant W. McConnell, RD 1, Dorset, Ohio owner of the machines, whose farm I manage. I am the second one from right of picture. The other men are friends and neighbors who came to help with the threshing.

The threshing day was August 2, 1961, a beautiful day for the job. My wife prepared an old fashioned threshers dinner the wash tubs placed outside for washing our hands the occasion took us back a few years in memory, which after all were the good old years !