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Picture of my 3 inch scale free-lance traction engine, finished last summer after a total building time of about 18 months.
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This trim 4-4-0 'Camel Back' locomotive of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad (now the Reading system) was a fast stepping bit of steam power in its day. This type of locomotive was quite popular with many railroads at the turn of the century.
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I built this engine in 18 months spare time. It is almost completed. It is about 6hp. The wheels are off an old Farmall tractor. The barrel of the boiler is made from a scrap piece of fifteen inch gas pipe, 3/8' thick. It has twelve 1 inch tubes. I h
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This is an engine I made using spare parts. It runs and handles nicely and has a 4'x4' cylinder 50' wide 72' high, 9' long and weighs about 3500 lbs. With water, pulls a cut-off saw fine. I showed it at Ft. Scott, Kansas, Show last
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The Red River Special separator is just like new - the IHC binder -one of the last of this type made was used to cut 25 acres of oats last summer and the Red River separator, a 22-36, threshed the oats which yielded 80 bushels to the acre. Both machines d
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Ray more, Saskatchewan about 1909. Copy of original.
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Small model tractor copied from an Avery. It has a May-Tag motor in it.
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Photo's of an engine I picked up several months ago. Being new at this, I would like to know the name and year that this engine was built. There are no name plates on it. I hope to get it in working order and would like to bring it to Burgettstown thi
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Tractor built by Jacob, a row crop with a Crossley motor. A model A Ford rear-end and transmission. Foot brake for each wheel. The front wheel is an airplane wheel and tire. Both these tractors run.
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1912 Sawyer Massey, app. 40hp portable steam engine (made in Hamilton Ontario.)
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Here is a rare, old postcard showing a steam powered passenger train of the New York Central system running down one of the main streets of the city of Syracuse, New York. Trains on the city streets were discontinued when the Central elevated its tracks l
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Picture of my half scale model of 28-47 Case thresher.
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This Bucyrus-Erie steam shovel is on permanent exhibition at the WGSEA grounds adjacent to Williams Grove park, near Mechanicsburg, Pa. The Association also owns and has on display a former Pennsylvania Railroad steam switching locomotive, dating from 190
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The late George W. Hull, Gettysburg, Pa., built the 'Hulson' engine shown here powering Robert King's thresher during the 1960 Williams Grove Steam Engine Reunion.
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Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville R. R. 's No. 9, an old 4-4-0, sits near the turntable pit in (his photo taken at Gloversville, New York, some years ago. The F. J. & G. once operated both steam railroad and electric interurban trolley service between G
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16x30 Oil Pull owned by Henry Peterson. It looks like it's leaning, but it happens it is higher on one side on the ground.
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Mr. Field has given us a picture here that we are very glad to get. The Annis Iron Works, Cherry Creek, N.Y. It is a company we never heard of. Maybe Mr. Field could dig up some history for our information and pleasure.-----Elmer
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Line-up of engines. There are approximately 200 engines on display.
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If I ever knew how many of these portable engines were built, I have forgotten. There were three traction engines built by the Annis Iron Works, Cherry Creek, New York. The shop burnt down in 1904 and all patterns were lost. The Pitts Traction Engine must
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I built this engine in 18 months spare time. It is almost completed. It is about 6hp. The wheels are off an old Farmall tractor. The barrel of the boiler is made from a scrap piece of fifteen inch gas pipe, 3/8' thick. Ithas twelve 1 inch tubes. I ha

It will burn wood or coal. Most of the steel came from the local
scrap yards. I designed this engine to my own liking. I made most
of the engine parts such as eccentric, piston, piston rod, valve
rod, crank disc, crank pin, wrist pin, connecting rod, governor
pulley main shaft, etc.

The boiler is built entirely of 3/8
steel plate except flue sheets are half inch steel. It will have a
road speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour.

In the large picture, the second man from left is Grant W.
McConnell, RD 1, Dorset, Ohio owner of the machines, whose farm I
manage. I am the second one from right of picture. The other men
are friends and neighbors who came to help with the threshing.

The threshing day was August 2, 1961, a beautiful day for the
job. My wife prepared an old fashioned threshers dinner the wash
tubs placed outside for washing our hands the occasion took us back
a few years in memory, which after all were the good old years

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