| September/October 1972

18 HP Avery Engine, built about 1919, owned by Truman Koopman, Flanagan, Illinois. Mrs. T. H. Smith (Mary Louise) 2200 Oneida Street, Joliet, Illinois in the picture, (standing). Picture taken at the 9th Annual Steam Threshing Show held at Lenox, Illinois, by Mrs. Ruth Miller, Rt. 4, Box 214, Lafayette, Ind.

Steam table on which anyone may try out his miniature steam engine.

6-15 HP 1898 portable steam Westinghouse at Keith Oderkirk's Show in March 1972.

Perry Willis on his PUFF, CHUG AND WHEEZE Railroad's Ottaway from Louisville, Ohio. Gary Kutz on his TENNESSEE CENTRAL & KENTUCKY Railroad's Ottaway from Massillion. William Murphy on Murphy's RAILROAD OTTAWAY from Warren. Howard Murphy on his 70-80 year old CAGNEY from Warren.

A nice model engine at the Stephenson County Antique Engine Club Show at Freeport, Illinois.