| September/October 1990

Location: L.S. Langedahl homestead, three miles west of Whit-more place, about 1905.

Engine: a Minnesota Giant Portable straw burner, size 16-20 HP.

Activity going on: Heating water to mix up something to dip the livestock into for parasites, scabies, mange, etc.

Engineer: Ed Taasevigen. On horseback: Rasmus Dyrland keeping the stock up to the chute.

Sent to us by: Emmett L. Whitmore, RR #1, Box 43, Steele, North Dakota 58482.

Threshing and plowing show in 1979 at Glenn Crandall's farm, Ponoka, Alberta. A nice Case 65 with plow operated by John and Randy Kvill.