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Geiser F portable engine, 6 Hp, acquired from Walter Clement, Auburn, Alabama. Unrestored, it awaits full restoration at Whistles in the Woods Museum, Rossville, Georgia shops. Geiser E portable engine, 5 Hp. built before Geiser began serial number in any
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Woodsplitter, built by the Chattanooga Machinery Co., Chattanooga, Tennessee. Shown here at the Rossville, Georgia shops of Whistles in the Woods Museum. This woodsplitter was acquired in Virginia.
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A 45 Case loaded on Leslie Olson's truck, June 8, 1969 in Mora, Minnesota, suppose someone was happy to get this when it was unloaded. Can you imagine anyone climbing way up there to cover a smoke stack on an old steam engine?
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Circa 1880 Waterous portable steam engine with upright boiler. Anyone having pictures or parts, we would appreciate hearing from them.
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The Eastern Shore Threshermen & Collectors Association held their summer show near Federalsburg, Maryland, on August 8, 9 & 10, 1969. The weather was wonderful and there was a large turnout of enthusasts from that side of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay.
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My brother and I have two engines. One is a Convertible - to road roller or traction engine for agriculture use. It is built by Aveling & Porter of Rochester, Kent in 1905 (Works No. 58010)
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8 ton road roller by the same firm built in 1923 (Works No. 10632). The convertible is a compound, 2 speed agricultural unsprung loco and the roller a piston valve, single cylinder model. Notice the distinctive trademark of the Aveling & Porter engines, t

The roller has been fully restored and we are at present
repainting the traction engine to the same standard.

Mr. Charley Spiecer of Sarasota, Florida applies a coat of
Kilrust to the injector steam line on his engine. The Sawyer-Massey
Engine has just been equipped with an all welded boiler built by a
machine company in Illinois that built steam engines several years
ago. It was my pleasure to witness the double working pressure
by-drostatic test on this boiler and needless to say it was in
perfect condition. Charley who is now retired, will have many years
of trouble free pleasure from this new boiler and rebuilt engine.
This engine was in the NTA Steam Show at Wauseon, Ohio.


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