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LeRoy Blaker of Alvordton, Ohio, and President of the National Threshers Association, gets his engine out in February and runs the Baker fan. Truly his enthusiasm never ceases. This is his Port Huron Longfellow
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Mr. W. . Deering on a 115hp. Sawyer-Massey steamer then located on the south corner of Sturgeon Lake, Saskatchwan. Picture taken in 1940. Courtesy of W. E. Deering, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Nichols & Shepard Model built by Jacob E. Lioewen, of Meade, Kansas. Everything works and was made by Mr. Loewen. It took over 3,000 hours to make. Courtesy of Wendell Fetig, Lamed R. D. 2, Kansas
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A good picture of Elmer Egbert's Frick 12 hp. engine at the Montpelier Reunion. Elmer lives at Botkins, Ohio. Leo Clark Photographer, of Washington, Illinois.
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Douglas Reetz, Potter, Nebraska, sends this picture and the following note: This picture was taken in 1904 near Gothenburg, Nebraska, and shows the Pop Bottle Westing-house engine and Huber thresher operated by my wife's grandfather, Claus Miller. He i
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Walter Raum of Hamilton, Ohio, and his Baker engine
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Here is Forest Williamson's famous Baker engine in all of her color glory. The National Reunion would not seem to be complete without this particular engine. Mr. Williamson has a very versatile family. We admire them all. Photo courtesy of Leo Clark, Wa
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A Burrell No. 3949 still at work (Aug. 1954). Courtesy of Charles Presland & Son, Tilbury, Essex, England. Photo by Richard A. Burn, Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Looks like a very well kept engine to be working all the time. Can't imagine what the man i
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1903 Stanley Steamer. 6?hp engine 2?X3?, 6?hp. boiler 14x13. Courtesy of Earl S. Eckel, Sr., Washington, New Jersey
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