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Bates Steel Mule 1917, and a 1900 Marsell corn shelter. Picture taken in 1931. Courtesy of Wendell Fetig, R. D. 2, Box 50, Larned, Kansas, who says, It was owned by A. F. Fetig, Garfield, Kansas. We were forced to junk it in World War as we had over 15 ol
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Here is a John Deere tractor (believe it or not). The serial No. is 191834. Drawbar 12 and belt 24. It has a 4 cylinder upright motor with high tension magneto. It is a 3-wheeler and all three wheels drive. I purchased it from a man who said only three of
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60 hp. Case owned by Fred Boiling, of Mayomaine, Wisconsin.
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An old picture of an old threshing machine taken in the year 1888. The engine is a 10 hp. Hamilton but do not know the make of the separator. The picture was taken on the farm of Phillip Herman, also owner of the rig. The man standing on the engine is the
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Buffalo-Springfield Roller built in 1921 and is owned by M. M. Weaver and L. B. Ebersole of Bareville, Pennsylvania. Bought mostly for a Hobby but is roiling on small jobs occasionally to help pay expenses. This photo shows it on a Township job. It is in
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22hp. Avery and ten 14 inch bottoms in brush just to see what she'll do. Ernest Haupert, left, and John Hau-pert. Courtesy of Rodney M. Pitts, R. D. 3, Box 47, Canby, Oregon
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20hp. Cross Compound Reeves which Mr. Clarence L. Binning of Greeley, Iowa ran for 8 years until 1932, pulling a 32x54 Case separator and a 21 Rosenthal Silo Cutter. Mr. Binning is on the right.
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The famous A very Undermounted built by Lester Roos of Geneseo, Illinois, and purchased by Henry Poll of Holland, Michigan. This is a very attractive outfit. Mr. Roos does exceptionally neat work
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William A. Keener of McVeytown, Pa., gives us this picture of a 'before and after' scene of his Case No. 15888. The before picture is 1953 and the after picture is 1954. It is a 12hp. and rebuilt by Mr. Keener in his shop at McVeytown. It was bought from

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