| July/August 1957

Box 51, Cold Brook Road, Gansevoort, New York

Enclosed is a check for my renewal subscription. I would like to assure you that I find the magazine most enjoyable: the reading is very absorbing, and the illustrations are superb.

I have been a steam engine enthusiast since pre-kindergarten days: watching locomotives, chasing steam rollers, tractors, and Stanley Steamers, running toy steam engines, etc.

I now have a 1922 model 740 seven passenger Stanley steam touring car. It was reconstructed in 1935 by the American Steam Automobile Company of Newton, Massachusetts. At that time the company installed one of the Derr water tube boilers. These boilers are like the Babcock and Wilcox boilers. The burner is a very powerful gun type atomizing oil burner with blower. A 12 volt motor runs the blower and fuel pump. The Derr boiler is probably the most durable of automobile boilers and it is a fast steamer. Seven hundred pounds per square inch can be generated from cold in seven minutes. The fire, when on full blast, consumes six to seven gallons of fuel (kerosene) per hour without the least smoke.

I find the car a source of great enjoyment. It is so silent and runs so smoothly that it is a big surprise to those familiar only with internal combustion cars. They are amazed to see a 1922 car excel their new cars in these aspects of performance.

I am sending you some cuts. The wrappings on each one tell what they show. If you can use any of them you are welcome to do so. Your printer may be able to, do something to conceal the corrosion on some of them.