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A 13 hp. Gaar Scott in fine shape. A 1900 Model No. 10291. Courtesy of C. R. Miller, R. D. 1, Box 3-A, Yocolt, Washington.
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Mr. L. O. Gunter and his portable Frick engine after finding it partly buried in mud where it had been for several years. He is now operating it under 1957 West Virginia inspection certificate as a Hobby. Courtesy of Lonnie Gunter Jr., 105 Lincoln Street,
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16 hp. Russell engine No. 16595 and an Enterprise Saw Mill sawing timber February 1957, on the farm of and the outfit owned by John Lemmer, M R 2, Mandell R. D., Perrysburg, Ohio. The photographer was Ernest Hoffer of Toledo, Ohio. Just to look at that pi
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A small power plant. Here the boys are getting it ready for the days run at Miller's Picnic in July, 1955. It is a C. Cretors & Co., outfit. Courtesy of C. R. Miller, R. D. 1, Box 3-A, Yocolt, Washington.
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‘I thought you might be interested in this picture of a
boiler that really blew up and came down in this position. This
happened in Deerfield, New Hampshire, about 8 years ago. I was
State Boiler Inspector at that time and found that this boiler was
left get filled up with mud from water from a nearby brook in the
spring thaw. The throat sheet at the front of the fire box blew out
and ripped the boiler barrel full, length. The front flue sheet,
tubes, and fire box took off intact and landed as they are seen
some distance from the saw mill. The barrell sheet was flattened
out like a politician’s platform’, says William F.
Sumerfield, Exeter, New Hampshire.

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