| July/August 1957

Box M, Wilmington, Illinois

I received notice with my last issue (May-June, 1956) that it was time to fire a little heavy again as my steam pressure was dropping down too low. So 1 am enclosing a couple of 'Clinkers' to show you that I have cleaned my fire and am ready for another run.

I noticed a picture in the Model Builders Section of the May-June issue of a model double cylinder stationary engine. Here is my answer to the question about it.

I do not know the builder of this particular engine but it is built of a kit of parts (or maybe by Mr. Arnold himself) furnished and on the market by Mr. Chas. V. Arnold, 'Tiny Power', of Corvallis, Oregon, and I think that it is 'Tiny Power's' No. 110. Following are some specifications of the one that I got to give an examination of and see running: Crank shaft ?'; Bore of cylinder 1?; Stroke 2?'; Diameter of fly wheel 8'; Width of base 8'; Length of base 16'; Height 8?'; Steam pipe ?' I. P.; Exhaust ?' I. P.; and I was told that it weighed 42 pounds.

Mr. Arnold has a 2' scale of the Case 65 which I am thinking about tackling as soon as I get my 1' scale Cole model finished.

I hope that the above information will be of use to some one if you have any inquiries and pass it on.