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Here is a good picture taken at the 1955 Neal Miller Day held at Ald on, Iowa. It is a Reeves cross-compound 32-100 engine and eight bottom P&O plow. Driven by Oscar Knudson of Hamilton, Iowa, and Bud Wagner of Des Moines, Iowa. Courtesy of William P. Kup
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The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Larimore, Newton, Illinois, loving an Advance Rumely. She is in the WAC and working in Washington; D. C., at present. Her Dad told me where she got her good looks but I shall not repeat it. Ed
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Here is the Rev. R. J .Allred of Way-land, Iowa, attending the Mt. Pleasant Reunion. He was born January 27th, 1855 and at Reunion time he was 100 years and 8 months old. He has been retired for 25 years. He is a minister in the Jt vangeical united Brethr
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3 scale Case built by E. F. Dawson of Seattle, Washington. It is a coal burner. Mr. Dawson himself, at the engine. Courtesy of Roscoe Guffey, Clarkston, Washington
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Six hp. Russell of about 1891. Just finished threshing? and are hitching to the water wagon. The team will take the separator as the engine had to have the water wagon in case of fire. The Mt. Pleasant area, near Oregos; City, Oregon, was a bad
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20hp. Advance in the saw mill of Frank S. York, R. D. 3, Three Rivers, Michigan, August, 1954. Engine was sold last may to Ralph Wood manse of Battle Creek, Michigan
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Picture taken from an old tin type by C. E. Gibson, R. D. 3, Holland, Ohio, of a Russell outfit made sometime ill the 1880's. Joe Nactrab, the owner and operator, is the man near the smoke stack driving the team. He threshed for 32 years without a miss on
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22hp. Advance Rumely of Frank York, in the saw mill in 1954. Frank lives at R. D. 3, Three Rivers, Michigan.

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