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Mr. A. C. Pump
Mr. A. C. Pump, R. D. Imperial, Nebraska, sends us this picture taken about 1907 south of Brandon, Neb. He does not know anything about the picture except that they are threshing headed grain. We will take a guess that it is a Case separator and Buffalo-P

I am writing to let you and your staff know that you have a
magazine that is really enjoyed each time it arrives. I only wish
it came oftener.

There used to be some long threshing runs made in this part of
the west but they are a thing of the past for several years. Very
few separators left that are used and those for only a few jobs as
the combine has taken over completely.

I threshed for a number of years here with a 36-60 Nichols &
Shepard and a 21-32 Twin City. I still have two 28-48 Twin City
separators but only use them for our own threshing and as we have
been hailed out this year they will not be used. I have never
thought much of threshing after steam went out. The last year I was
with steam was in 1925.

My wife and I have attended the last two reunions at Bird City
and will say the boys there have put on some very good

We have a small ranch and I have been operating a No. 12 Cat.
Patrol part time. My wife is a school teacher.

I started on a one-third scale of the Advance 40 this winter but
have only gotten started on the boiler as I have very little time
to work at it.

Elmer, I know very little about how the railroad disposes of
their old steamers.

We have a small Sunday School group at Brandon, Nebraska, which
only this year bought and moved, into a small church. I was
wondering if they could buy a bell from an old locomotive. I
thought that, you being in the east, might know of some place they
could Write to.

A. C. PUMP, R.F.D., Imperial, Nebraska

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