| January/February 1960

Mr. Blaker is on the right, who promoted the gatherings and became the first and only President of the National Threshers Association, Inc. On the left is Mr. Merle Newkirk, Midland, Michigan, who supplied the plaque. It was Merle who inspired the group to erect such a monument. Mr. Dan S. Zehr (deceased Aug. 1959) of Pontiac, Illinois, who officiated at the organization, was present and at this dedication he was one of the principal speakers.

President LeBoy W. Blaker made very appropriate remarks among which he said, 'There have been steam engine and threshing 'Meets' and 'Bees' longer than ours but they were not organized.

This is the oldest organized Reunion.' This undoubtedly will be considered the most significant event in the Steam Engine World this year of 1959.