| January/February 1960

Threshing scene of my 25 hp. Buffalo-Pitts steam engine and Buffalo-Pitts 38x62 steel frame separator with wing feeders. We had a 15 day run schocking threshing and about 40 day run threshing stacks. I ran the engine. I am standing next to the steering wheel. This scene was taken in 1916 north of Olivia, Minnesota. I have threshed since 1907 and quit in 1933. I ran a rig two years in South Dakota, a Minneapolis plow engine, 35 hp. steam and 44x64 Minneapolis separator.

This is an Aultman-Taylor 20 hp. engine, heavy geared. This engine was the last Aultman-Taylor engine sold out of Decatur in 1920. I bought this engine new, used it for contract work threshing and shredding corn and sawmilling. That is me standing on coal bunker, and Virgil Musser at the guide and we were pulling a 10 ft. Adams Grader widening a road from two rods to sixty feet wide from Beecher City north two miles. The fellow on the Grader is Rudolph Bondlow of Beecher City, owner of the Maxwell 1917 car. This engine was junked just last year by Frank Dowell, who owned it since 1930. I have owned and operated threshing outfits and steam engines since 1910 and this was the best and most powerful engine I ever operated. Lem F.Wood,702 N.1st Street, Shelbyville Illinois.

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