| November/December 1968

The mill is a Hill-Curtiss with a three bunk carriage and sixty inch saw. It also has an American edger.

The separator is a Minnesota Chief, hand feed, equipped with a straw carrier. I have no information on size or year of manufacture, owners of separator are the Bain Bros. Picture was taken Aug 7, 1955 at Howard Lake Fair, by Merle Jones of Little Falls, Minn.

A VW boiling over? Impossible! unless it's a steam-powered Beetle. The work of Richard J. Smith, of Midway City, Calif., the engine is a modified outboard motor and it will run on almost anything that burns: gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner, No. 2 fuel oil.

Smith's steamer wooshed him cross-country to attend a meeting of the Steam Automobile Club at Greensboro, N. C. He made the entire trip in fourth gear, using the standard VW transmission and a full head of steam.

Designing and building the engine took less than a month and more than $4,000. Previous conventions saw Mr. Smith arrive with but not in other steam-powered creations, including a portable generator, a go-kart and a surf board.

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