Jackson Bridge is the largest single-span Covered Bridge in the U.S.A.

| November/December 1968

I have four old gas engines too. 2 H.P. Waterloo Boy, 3 H.P. Jumbo, 1 H.P. I.H.C., and a 2 H. P. Fair Banks Morse.

We discovered a few salient factsthe water carrier with horse and buggy with jug in seat is Rankin Bowles now living near Golden, Illinois. Mrs. Leach and the writer spent about an hour visiting in their home just lately. From there we called at the Von Nosdale home and were able to get names of most all of the crew, however, I will not attempt to place them in position as many, of course are deceased now, as the time of this picture was 1907.

The ring might be classified as the Wallace Ring. The place taken was not decided but could be. either the Scott Taylor or Von Nosdale farm.

The separator was an American which would have been built by the C. Aultman Co. or their successor the Aultman E. & T. Co., of Canton, Ohio.

The engine, not shown in picture, was a Colean double cylinder, product of the Colean Implement Co., of Peoria, Illinois.

The owner of the outfit was William Coleman of Camp Point, Illinois. Following are the men identified: Glen Von Nosdale, Henry Reushel, Homer Aull, Jacob Leach, Clarence Leach, Ray Leach, Adam Wallace, Sam Wallace, Alfred Upchurch, Tom Carlin, John Gerdes, William Bottorff, Joe Aull, Rankin Bowles, Anton Lurhoff, John Goldenstein, Rudolph Taute, Marion Bottorff, Scott Taylor, Theodore. Nosley, Hiram Lurhoff.